Design Services

In Appcent Design, combined with our technical expertise, we design a well-thought-out user experience coupled with a stunning interface. We partner with our clients to answer their needs in Branding, User Research, User Experience Design, and User Interface Design.

UX Design

It is not just about the black and white wireframes, UX Design is a design cycle going through research, design, and testing to implement the best design to meet business priorities, technical feasibility, and users’ needs and desires.
User Experience Design process -though it may vary- usually consists of building personas based on user research, designing wireframes, and creating prototypes to test out the designs. Although the methods and design outputs may change, the main focus is to keep the users’ needs at the center of all design and development activities. The process can be explained by four steps; understand the context of use, specify user requirements, design solutions finally evaluate against the requirements.

UI Design

UI Design is about creating a perfect first impression and a long-lasting desire for our users. We aim to create interfaces that are easy to use, pleasurable, and seamless experiences.
In UI Design, we always keep in mind that it is not about how beautiful your design is rather it is important that the users get their tasks done easily. That is why we try to make our designs seamless. On the other hand, we know that UI is where the interface delivers joy and pleasure to users. We create experiences that are delightful for users so that they keep returning. We also include gamification when needed to make our designs more engaging.


We believe in “users come first”. It is not only about designing the most beautiful product, but it is about understanding and meeting your users’ needs. We carry out various user research methods fitting your project needs to achieve that.
User research is about defining who your users are, what do they exactly need, and what are their pain points. There are several methods applied and usually, these methods are custom-fitted to our partners’ needs. Research methods are generally divided into two subcategories: Quantitative and Qualitative. In Quantitative methods, we include surveys or analytics data. Qualitative methods help us build a better understanding of who users are and why they behave in a certain way. Some of the many methods we are experienced with are: diary studies, contextual inquiry, card sorting, customer journey maps, and usability testing.


We don’t just create a logo for your brand but we try to shape the understanding of your brand in your customers’ minds. How do we do it? We identify your customers’ needs, we create and manage the collective assets to better communicate your brand experience.
We know that branding never stops, people, markets and businesses are constantly changing so should the brand accordingly. While working on branding we first identify who our clients want to be, then create a brand strategy around this, and finally create every design element that completes this positioning. These assets include visual identity, content, websites, apps, and other products.