Allianz Bilen Annem

UX Design
UI Design

For Allianz Turkey internal entrepreneurship competition we have gathered the needs of pregnant women and designed an app combining all the important information they would need during their pregnancy, so Bilenannem was born! As the winner of the competition, this app allows pregnant women to track their baby’s development, join events created by Allianz and get medical information from consultant doctors.


Allianz Turkey is the leading insurance company in the market. Serving more than 5million clients every day, they also offer additional services to their customers. Bilen Annem was one of the first pregnancy tracking apps in the Turkish market, enriched with the medical information from Allianz’s partners.

Business Challenge

As an internal entrepreneurship competition, Allianz Turkey wanted to address their customers in another way and target pregnant women with this app. The app wanted to help them track their baby and get useful information from medical practitioners along their journey.

Values Delivered by Our Team

Our team got together with pregnant women and learned their current way of keeping track of their baby’s development and various sources of information they use to get more knowledge about their pregnancy. Together with the gathered information, we have created a new user flow, worked on wireframes, and created prototypes to test.
Since the app was a stand-alone one, we have also worked on a new branding with our stakeholders, thus Bilenannem was born.

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