Pegasus Express Bagaj

UX Design
UI Design

Along with Pegasus Airlines we have designed Express Bagaj to elevate the travel experience to the highest level. During the design process, we have created all the design assets from the physical device itself to the screens, from informing illustrations to animations. The main goal was to keep users in mind and create a fast and easy check-in and bag drop experience. Now used across more than 7 airports and by 10000+ passengers daily, these kiosks let travelers check-in and leave their bags in less than 5 minutes instead of waiting in lines.


Express Bagaj is the digital kiosk service offered by Pegasus Airlines, the largest budget airlines company in Turkey, flying to 118 destinations, covering 40% of the airlines market.

Business Challenge

Pegasus Airlines defines itself as a digital airline company. Their focus is on providing the digital travel experience to their customers and focusing on offering the best flight experience with these tools. Express Bagaj as an idea was the main and most visible output of this approach.
Express Bagaj’s main challenge was it was trying to bring an innovative solution to an outdated and overdone field: kiosks. The company was not happy with the ready-made kiosks solutions that other airlines used, they wanted something unique, something original, and something that reflects their brand fully.

Values Delivered by Our Team

Before Express Bagaj kiosks came in and took over Sabiha Gokcen airport, Pegasus had existing kiosks for check-in services. Along with technical issues, the kiosks were home to a lot of usability problems for travelers who are usually short of time and patience.
We started by field visits and try to understand users’ behaviors in using kiosks and other problems were analyzed with our stakeholders to address with the new kiosk concept. The design process was not simply designing the screens but we wanted to create the whole experience of check-in and leaving baggage from start to finish. From the device itself to the guiding animations our team was involved in all the steps of the design process. The end result utilizes the kiosk’s outstanding technological features to their full potential, still offering an easy-to-use experience.

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