Pegasus Smart Cabin

UX Design
UI Design

Together with Pegasus Airlines, our team worked on Smart Cabin app which was targeted to a user group that is quite busy and the only helping tool in their hand is this application: flight attendants. Enrichened with field visits, our team focused on understanding the journey of a flight attendant and brought this awareness in building a new app for them. The app focused on helping them in their travels starting from their home, to their journey to the airport, their briefing with the flight team, the actual flight, and after-flight activities.


Smart cabin is the tablet app for flight attendants of Pegasus Airlines, the largest budget airline company in Turkey, flying to 118 destinations, covering 40% of the airline market.

Business Challenge

When the project first started, our team got together with various teams of flight attendants, serving in different roles. Flight attendants have a long-lasting journey on a single flight, starting from their homes and ending in after-flight tasks.
The main challenge was to gather the information they currently seek from many different sources into a single one and streamline their process.

Values Delivered by Our Team

We have analyzed all the systems they use currently, and the notebooks they keep to themselves to gather the data. By analyzing which information is needed on what step of the process, we have formed a new user journey for them. The new journey grouped the information from other sources into a single source and offered each piece of information when needed. We aimed to free them of manual notetaking, which would help them in their busy schedules and serve their passengers better, thus enhancing the flight experience for all Pegasus passengers.

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