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For Tarsim, we have analyzed the needs of agriculture and stock raising and created a fast and easy app to track their policies and create claims within the reach of their mobile phones. By analyzing the existing app and users’ needs we have created a redesigned and restyled app bringing the most needed functionalities forward.


Tarsim is the only insurance company for agriculture and stock-raising serving more than 2 million customers distributed all around Turkey. The company has a wide range of products and services custom-fitted to their customers’ needs. The digital operation on the other hand was not as advanced as the product solutions.

Business Challenge

When we first started the project Tarsim had an outdated app that users rarely use. Most of the operation was still handled by the agencies manually. We have analyzed the statistics and gathered the needs for a fully renewed app.
The app needed to work with a variety of different insurance policies and answer the needs of a rather difficult user group. They had difficulties reaching the agencies when needed, they needed to gather quick information about the insurance coverage and they needed to create claims wherever they are fast and easy. The current app failed to answer those needs so we decided to start from scratch.

Values Delivered by Our Team

We have collaborated with our stakeholders from Tarsim team and analyzed the current state of things with their users. We have defined the problems we needed to solve and the habits of the target users. This information formed the foundation we needed to create our personas.
We started to work on user flows that later translated to wireframes to deliver our new approach in the mobile app. In order to test and verify our solutions, we have created prototypes and tested these with the users. After the verification process, we have started designing the new branding approach to the recreated app. We wanted to create a fresh, clean, and seamless UI design to best fit the users’ needs.

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